Sunday, June 5, 2016

Start of Rainy Season

Hi Guys, it's been two months since I've arrived in Tokyo and I think I can finally say that I've gotten used to life here (hopefully). May was quite the busy month with school festival preparations, the actual running of booths (All year 1 classes have to set up a food booth and our class sold karaage!), presentations and reports... though I suppose there'll be more to come in June and July, and oh no... end of semester exams in end July ._. but oh well!

Recently, I'm beginning to enjoy cycling to the station, even in the early mornings. BUT! From next week onwards, it's gonna be the start of the rainy season (*cue dramatic music*)... Was thinking of getting through the month with raincoats and plastic bags over my bag when cycling, but I doubt that'll be safe in heavy rains... sigh... but waiting for the bus with long queues in the rain doesn't sound that appealing either (and that means getting a bus pass ._. which is around 7k yen for a month D:) Oh well... if only I knew how heavy the rain's gonna be for the whole month...

On the bright side, hydrangeas are starting to bloom!!

There's a row of them along the Keio Inogashira railway track and they really make my day especially when squeezing on crowded trains. (I need to take a photo of them somehow ._.)

And one last thing! I recently tried this delicious giant karaage rice bowl with tartar sauce near Kichijoji station (the park exit)! It was so large that the shop owner provided a bowl to scoop some out in case it topples when eating. For 690 yen, definitely a recommendation! (A warning though, I felt quite bloated when I finished it, so perhaps you could take-out or share with a friend!)

Delicious Karaage owo

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