Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

It’s been a long time since I did a post. To summarise the events after June, it was reports and exams for the Spring semester, then summer hols till September, preparation for the November school fest and now here we are… Looking back, this year passed really fast, much faster than last year I feel… I kinda miss the times at Osaka Uni where you could see everyone everyday, but now in a new uni with everyone having different schedules, you rarely meet up with the others unless you make plans with them… I guess that’s the sad part about moving to the second year in the MEXT programme, but of course, can’t forget about the interesting new stuff you can do as a uni student (baito, circles, internships, camps and so on! but of course there's gonna be some boring lessons but well, that's uni for you) I’m really thankful for the opportunities this year has given me, and grateful to have met people who I feel I can clique with (though it took me half a year to really settle in to my circles…) There were times where I really felt alone and stressed, especially during the examination periods, but I’m glad I pushed through (though maybe I might’ve binged eat (karaage don is especially delicious on exam days oops) and stuff (ok, make that stuffing myself with chocolates oops) on the way, but oh well there’s always light after the storm right?). Although I do still have some problems in trying to communicate with the Japanese people, be it teachers, classmates, circle mates, I’ll try to stay positive and speak up more next year (3 more years to go and gonna make the best out of it no matter what!!)

Positive thoughts!! So here’s some illuminations to light up your day :D

Roppongi Hills

 I forgot where this was but somewhere near Shinbashi?

Pageant of Lights at Takasaki, Gunma

Got together with some of the CJLC people from last year and made a chocolate cake yesterday!! (we  really should have a reunion next year or something…)

Have a Merry Christmas!!

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